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Mid Back Pain

December 3, 2008

Mid back pain is defined as pain in the thoracic spine.  The causes of mid back pain are very similar to the causes of low back pain.  As a result, many of the treatment options are similar.  These include epidural steroid injections, facet injections, trigger point injections, prolotherapy, and physical therapy.  Mid back pain is different in that surgical options become much more dangerous, as the lungs are in the way and commonly have to be deflated.  In addition, mid back pain can also involve pain coming from the ribs and the joints that attach the ribs to the spine.  Upper extremity numbness due to changes in the shape of the ribs can also accompany mid back pain.  Scoliosis or an abnormal curvature of the spine can also cause mid back pain.  Like the low back, some of the causes of mid back pain can be treated with injections of stem cells.